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▸ Top! Gletscher Skigebiet
Der Stubaier Höhenweg:
verbindet auf einer Rundwanderung 9 Hütten
  • Mit fast 100 „Dreitausender“ bieten die Stubaier Alpen ein schier unerschöpfliches Hochtourenangebot.
  • Der Daunkogl, das Zuckerhütl..
Gipfelplattform Top of Tyrol.
▸ Wilde Wasserweg.. Pur..
SNOWPARK am Stubaier Gletscher..
Run & Walk Park Stubai..

Mountainclimber in the Stubai Valley

Experience the fascination of climbing in the Stubaivalley. Numerous fixed rope routes as well as climbing parks will fascinate you.


Here you find everything: from idyllic woods and fields in a deep valley over gentle hills and sunny alpines past roaring waterfalls and clear mountain lakes above the timber-line. Picturesque scenery as in a storybook - this attribute can be given by good conscience to the Stubaivalley. Stubaivalley – Where reality takes a break!
Who follows the call of the mountain, has the best opportunities in the Stubaivalley. Wether in the Dolomites of North Tyrol, or on the majestic Serles or the snowcovered Zuckerhütl – almost no other place in the Alps holds so many surprises…


Safe in the mountain world – certified mountain guides give you an understanding of the magnificent mountain world, lead you into untouched valleys and up the highest mountains.

Contact adress:    http://www.stubai-alpin.com    or    http://www.bergsteigen-stubaital.at